About Me


I was born and raised in Western Nebraska, where rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty is a fundamental part of life. While country living developed self-reliance and a strong work ethic, it also built the foundation for my creative passions. Working on the family farm there was always something to build or fix, thus I learned carpentry, how to sew, and to shape, solder, and weld metal. With a sparked imagination and growing sense of artistic style, I spent my free time sketching and making art in a variety of mediums. Influenced by heavy metal music and a fascination for horror movies, I loved designing unusual clothing, accessories, and home decor with a ‘dark’ aesthetic. While these interests made me an outcast amongst my conservative surroundings - I gained happiness and grew confidence through my creations.

I later relocated to San Francisco, a city well known for its diversity, art, and culture. Here I felt at home and truly ‘found myself' upon discovery of the Bay Area punk / gothic subcultures, a small community of people who shared, embraced, and encouraged me for my specific style of fashion, artistry, and nonconformity. Excited to finally share my creativity with an interested and supportive audience, I experimented with beading, wire wrapping, and even taxidermy to create gothic inspired jewelry and clothing accessories. This first incarnation of Jen Rose Jewelry was praised and well received, quickly selling to friends, family, and peers. It was this moment that I knew I had found my ‘calling’.

In 2011, I took my jewelry making skills to the next level, attending the renowned Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts to study metalsmithing, gemstone identification, stone setting, lost wax casting, and more. Within a year, I completed the program as a Graduate Jeweler. With these new credentials, I accepted an employment opportunity at a local artisan jewelry store. Over the course of a decade, my role became an integral one, ultimately responsible for overseeing sales, merchandising, operations, and marketing for the company’s two brick and mortar storefronts and website.

While rocking that full-time job, I still prioritized the time to make and sell my own handmade jewelry designs. While my collection evolved greatly over the years, the aesthetic remained true to my dark and nontraditional roots. More gothic than ever, my creations sold through a handful of San Francisco based brick & mortar stores. In 2021, unable to keep up with the success of my small business – I retired from the retail life to focus 100% on Jen Rose Jewelry. My dream of living life as a full time artist had finally become reality.